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We create digital experiences

We are experts in cutting-edge technology: virtual tours, immersive experiences, interactive activations, augmented reality, virtual reality and more.
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Muse digital

With over 20 years of experience, we are pioneers in the use of digital technology and remain at the cutting edge of virtual and interactive developments.

We design and build projects for enterprise,
cultural institutions and NGO’s interested in using technology as an effective means of sales and communication.


Augmented reality

Deliver a new layer of engagement to your audience with dynamic experiences in augmented reality (AR).


Create virtual spaces that your audience can visit from the safety of their home or the comfort of their mobile device. Virtual museums, trade shows, digital advertising and more.

Interactive content

Enrich your visitor’s experience with additional layers of information. Include relevant images, video, audio and other digital content through a variety of interactive platforms.

Mobile app development

Provide content with custom-made apps tailored to the specific needs of your project. Add features such as AR, VR, content scanning, proximity sensors and much more.

GPS and proximity sensors

Deliver relevant content and notifications to your audience based on their proximity to a trigger such as iBeacon objects or GPS locations.

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Digital Way-Finding

Help your audience navigate more naturally and comfortably though interactive maps and clear directions. In both indoor and outdoor spaces.

On-Demand Digital Scanning

Provide content through QR Codes, barcodes and other standards to your audience’s smart devices, easily connecting them with relevant content.

Digital guides

Provide personalized guides directly to your audience’s mobile device. Enhance your content with apps and add additional languages, audio tours and more.

Digital Content Management

Edit and update the content on all your digital platforms with easy to use custom CMS solutions.

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We offer custom-made solutions tailored to a wide variety of projects, typologies and scales.

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